International Journal of Health and Nutrition

International Journal of Nutrition and Health (IJNH) belongs to an international, multifunctional, peer-reviewed journal of science. This journal covers subjects related to nutrition and diet and flavor profile of foods and their usage. The health nutrition journal main aim is to underline the developmental patterns in the field of nutrition, dietetics and food sciences. It is a wonderful, perfect, and relevant journal to provide access to developments in nutritional research and studies. The objective of the healh nutrition journal is to improve the human well-being to achieve a healthy society. The nutritional field contains the research of nutrients, biomarkers for examining the influence of dietary constituents on human health state. The journal examines all the issues of nutrition. Some of this nutritional fields contain patterns about energy metabolism and its regulation, comparative nutrition, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, nutritional microbiology, Culinology, public health nutrition, sports nutrition, nutritional toxicology. The international health-related journal contains all the related subjects of nutritional science.

Topics described in the international health journal are:

  • Human Nutrition;
  • Human Physiology;
  • Family Meal Management;
  • Basic Dietetics
  • Food Microbiology;
  • Community Nutrition
  • Dietetics and Counseling;
  • Tele-Health;
  • Health Care Trends;
  • Scope of Practice;
  • Basic Anatomy and Body Organization;
  • Body Mechanics;
  • Community Nutrition;
  • Multicultural Diversity;
  • Equipment Safety;
  • Probiotics.